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Diamond Polishing Paste Set 20 g

Diamond Polishing Paste Set 20 g

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Starter set Zircon

Starter set Zircon

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Starter set Metal

Starter set Metal

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Mesh Tray Kit

Mesh Tray Kit

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CHARMING Dental Products - With system to success

Welcome to our new online shop for dental products

Here in the dental shop you are at the right place if you want to order dental products for your dental laboratory, practice laboratory, depot or orthodontic laboratory cheap, fast and without price comparison. Dental articles and laboratory materials in brand quality "Made in Germany" in a huge selection for manual and digital dental technology. For processing in the dental laboratory or with milling machines in the milling centre, we offer consumables for the dental technician craft, the digital workflow, such as CAD/CAM and 3D printing.

We are manufacturer, dental technician and your partner for cheap dental products and offer customer service and fast support. Online shopping with low-cost offers, good conditions and graduated prices for your inventory management.

Use our free fast shipping with UPS to order branded products from our web shop conveniently, safely and quickly. You have various payment options and can pay easily by invoice, SEPA direct debit, prepayment or PayPal. In our dental shop you have a comfortable article search, can find quickly what you need and see all previous orders and dental articles in your customer account.

We look forward to meeting you here and thank you very much for your trust.

Our product portfolio for you at a glance:
CAD CAM & 3D Printing Technology
Laser and light opaque scan wax for blocking out, scanning and milling | Wax blanks and discs for dental milling machines | Solvent free resin cleaner for SLA, DLP or LCD 3D printers, dental models & printing plates.
Dental Ceramic
Universal ceramic mixing liquid for all dental ceramics and zircon | Honeycomb firing tray for any ceramic furnace, press furnace, Vacuum furnace | Firing stabilising paste | Dental brushes in Kolinsky red sable hair & alternatively with vegan synthetic hair | Water-soluble holding gel / fixing gel for fixing ceramic applications | Ceramic mixing plates and reusable fleece strips / moisturizing strips | Ceramic isolation & plaster hardener for dental plasters | Stain liquid for stains, opaque materials, shoulder materials and bonders in powder and paste Form. | Brazilian agate discs as mixing plate for dental ceramics | Water bowls made of natural stones for ceramic brushes, layering brushes, dental brushes, color brushes & stain brushes.
Rotating dental instruments
Flexible net disc with electroplated diamonds, plaster separating disc for saw cut models and tooth stumps. Sintered diamond discs for pressed ceramics, layering ceramics, zirconium oxide, veneers and resin veneers | Drill stand made of stainless V2A for the dental laboratory and dental practice | Abrasive stone / ceramic trimmer with diamonds | Silicone-free ceramic polisher with natural diamonds for all dental ceramics | Mandrel for attaching polishing wheels made of rubber or silicone and occlusal polishers with a diameter of 3,00 mm for the handpiece | Dressing stone / dressing tool for Shaping of rubber polishers, silicone polishers and grinding stones | Diamond polishing paste with matched diamond grains & fine micro diamonds for all ceramics, zirconia and composite veneers | Cross-cut tungsten carbide burs with long tool life for removable clasp and telescopic dentures made of non-precious and precious metal alloys | Plastic burs for denture acrylics, dental acrylics and UV tray materials | Metal polisher in wheel, roller & pin shape (occlusion) for dental crowns, dental bridges, telescopes, conical crowns, double crowns, partial crowns, inlays and model castings made of precious metal and non-precious base metal alloys based on cobalt-chromium (Co Cr) | Cross-toothed/spiral-toothed parallel burs & conical burs for pre-milling & re-milling of primary telescopic crowns, double crowns, telescopic dentures and coverdenture | Miniature polishing brushes mounted Ø 21 mm, round brush Ø 60 mm made of goat hair & Chungking brushes Ø 50, 60, 70, 80 mm (1, 2, 4-row) | Biocompatible, carbon-free firing alloy and model casting alloy with CoCr for high-fusing and low-fusing ceramics | Biocompatible, corrosion-resistant & veneering special solder for homogeneous soldering results before ceramic firing and joining wire for repairs and extensions of denture repairs | High-viscosity oil for dental tools and rotating instruments in manual milling technique.
Organic dental waxes
Flexible dipping wax for dipping copings for the production of highly elastic and dimensionally stable wax copings | Crown wax for crowns, bridges, veneers and wax-ups for the production of dental crown wax and dental bridge wax for all requirements in the gnathological wax-up technique | Cervical wax for modeling exact crown margins, cervical margins (marginal seal) | Connecting wax for stress-free sprueing and connecting of casting channels (pear-shaped, lost head), clasps, wax profiles, attachments and for blocking wax auxiliary parts, wax finished parts | Scraping wax, milling wax for the manual milling technique to produce telescope crowns and conical crowns in the milling unit | Facing wax for acrylic veneers for fixing, setting up, matching tooth shades and individualizing the tooth shapes of veneers in three different dentin shades (A,B,C).

Inorganic waxes
Kneadable Block-out wax in red for the fabrication of tray materials, basic tray plates, when pouring dental impressions, with plaster and when pouring liquid acrylic in dental prosthetics | Undercut wax in pink for parallelizing clasp teeth and undercuts | Adhesive wax for fixing dental plaster models, fracture repairs, Self-insulating and kneadable blocking-out wax in white for clasps, undercuts and expansion screws in the orthodontic technique | Thermal wax for blocking out undercuts of dental models made of dental plaster and for covering springs in orthodontics.

Wax auxiliaries
Wax pontics in natural tooth shape without garland | Plastic-free casting pins in pear shape with reservoir for shrinkage-free casting results | Wax adhesive connections for tension-free metal connection between secondary crown and model casting | Wax wire suitable for all casting techniques, sprue techniques such as centrifugal casting & vacuum pressure casting for casting.
Preparation of die
Light-curing one-component resin for modelling as well as for building up dental dies on dental plaster | Light-curing dental varnish for applying and varnishing dental dies | Thinner for light-curing die varnish in dental technology | Air-curing dental die varnish for model fabrication | Stainless steel model holder for positioning plaster models, Individual laser engraving & dental laser inscription with your name, laboratory name or company logo on ceramic brushes, articulators, impression trays, instruments, dental instruments, signs, key rings, tools and workpieces.